Sunday, 26 February 2017


SIMPLIMENTAL - Eight, incredible mentalism routines that are all quickly learned, easy-to-do and will fool anyone.

This is my first DVD release in over a decade!

Simplimental is comprised entirely of real-world, professional-level material that's sure to amaze any audience.


In Wordgames I reveal a little-known yet devastatingly clever, impromptu mental principle that will absolutely delight you.

Ye Olde Prediction weaves together an incredible self-working method with an intriguing prop and a stunning ambigram to create a brilliant 'card at predicted number' effect.

The Other Ring Thing is a simple, completely impromptu method for divining which of the participant’s hands conceals a finger ring. It is the perfect prelude to Tequila Hustler (available here).

Cubicle sees your participant impossibly locate a matching set of 5 ESP symbols - an outcome that you've somehow predicted!

Hands-Off Mind Reader is an inexplicable revelation of a thought of card.

The One-Second Design Dupe is one of my favourite creations. It is a very clever two-person coding system that will allow you to perform seemingly genuine miracles. Super-easy for an assistant to learn this has fooled everyone who has ever seen it.

Insider creates a stunning, modern day miracle with 'UNO' game cards.

And finally there is Rock, Paper, Winner, where you predict exactly how the famous finger game will end.

SIMPLIMENTAL - Strong, direct mentalism that's easily attainable by performers at every level. This is material suitable for those who are just starting out as well as those who are seasoned professionals.

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The price is £25.

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