Sunday, 5 February 2017

One Single Pencil

Magic trick, puzzle or objet d'art? In fact, all three! This incredible Hexastix pencil sculpture allows you to perform an impossible feat of magic or mentalism. 

Made up of 72 pencils in 12 different bold colours, your participant can clearly see that all the pencils are permanently fused together to make this beautiful hexagonal object.

The sculpture is placed on a table with a random 'side' facing upwards and then the participant chooses one of the twelve colours. Let's say he chooses yellow. You explain that in reality only 71 of the pencils are permanently fused together to make the sculpture and that one single pencil can in fact be removed. You indicate the yellow pencil in the uppermost hexagon and invite him to pull it. Like the sword-in-the-stone the chosen pencil slides free!

Everything may be examined and indeed the other 71 pencils that make up the sculpture are indeed permanently locked in place. The one single pencil that the participant randomly chose is the only one that can be removed.

Playable as an impossible prediction, a stunning coincidence or just the coolest office toy in the world, One Single Pencil will be the talking point in whichever environment you choose to keep it.

It comes with the sculpture, matching prediction pencil and full instructions.

The price is £85 plus (insured) postage.

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*Please note: I have just made 5 more of these, but there will be the last ones until late summer. Once they are sold I will remove the Paypal link.