Friday, 10 March 2017

My Imaginary Friend

My Imaginary Friend

"Mark's talent for thinking outside the box is in over-drive here - this is just unreal! Stunningly original, absolutely impossible and very, VERY weird!"
– Dave Forrest

For several years I have been working on material that is very much ‘out there’ in terms of presentation and impact. Effects that are so intense, unusual and powerful that they provide a totally immersive experience for the participant. Rather than them thinking that they just saw a trick, they are left thinking “WTF. Just. Happened."

The first of these effects to be released is called My Imaginary Friend.

On one level, it’s Elsdon goes a bit Jerxy. Because I think it’s fair to say that if you like the kind of material that The Jerx ( creates, then you will absolutely LOVE My Imaginary Friend.

This is not something you will do at your regular walkaround gig. No. This is the Big Guns; the thing you will do when you have a little bit of time and decide to totally melt someone’s brain.

"Yes Mark, I want one! But what’s the effect?” Well, that’s part of the fun and the surprise. I’m not going to tell you the exact effect! I will say this though: it features a totally impossible prediction that leaves the participant with a permanent souvenir that they will keep forever. They also get to witness something that simply cannot possibly be true, even though they make it happen!

If you want to leave someone with a memory they cannot believe but will never forget, then you MUST learn My Imaginary Friend.

Tricksy sleight-of-hand required? Nope.
Sneaky gimmicks? Nah.
Special props to carry? No, none.
Does it use playing cards? Happily... no!
Is it English-dependent? No siree. It will work in any language whatsoever.
Better for magic or mentalism? Perfect for both.

To date, My Imaginary Friend has been seen by hundreds of laymen and just one magician, and you can read his opinion above.

It is a limited edition booklet, and will only ever be available directly from me.
The price is £42 plus postage.