Sunday, 26 February 2017


SIMPLIMENTAL - Eight, incredible mentalism routines that are all quickly learned, easy-to-do and will fool anyone.

This is my first DVD release in over a decade!

Simplimental is comprised entirely of real-world, professional-level material that's sure to amaze any audience.


In Wordgames I reveal a little-known yet devastatingly clever, impromptu mental principle that will absolutely delight you.

Ye Olde Prediction weaves together an incredible self-working method with an intriguing prop and a stunning ambigram to create a brilliant 'card at predicted number' effect.

The Other Ring Thing is a simple, completely impromptu method for divining which of the participant’s hands conceals a finger ring. It is the perfect prelude to Tequila Hustler (available here).

Cubicle sees your participant impossibly locate a matching set of 5 ESP symbols - an outcome that you've somehow predicted!

Hands-Off Mind Reader is an inexplicable revelation of a thought of card.

The One-Second Design Dupe is one of my favourite creations. It is a very clever two-person coding system that will allow you to perform seemingly genuine miracles. Super-easy for an assistant to learn this has fooled everyone who has ever seen it.

Insider creates a stunning, modern day miracle with 'UNO' game cards.

And finally there is Rock, Paper, Winner, where you predict exactly how the famous finger game will end.

SIMPLIMENTAL - Strong, direct mentalism that's easily attainable by performers at every level. This is material suitable for those who are just starting out as well as those who are seasoned professionals.

In stock and available for immediate delivery.

The price is £25.

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The Last Word

The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube effect!
First came Rubik Remembered.
Then Rubik Predicted. 
And now, finally: The Last Word.

What is it? An utterly impossible prediction effect of not just how an audience will randomly mix up a Rubik’s Cube, but a 100% accurate prediction of exactly how to solve it! Whilst other performers are messing about predicting sports results, headlines and lottery numbers, you can beat odds of 43 quintillion-to-one against!!

It absolutely kills an audience. Any audience. Every audience.

Originally designed for use in a stand-up show, the kind of audience size which is traditionally referred to as ‘cabaret’, the great news is that it works equally well as a stage piece in a 2000-seater theatre and in any kind of close-up setting. It is absolutely perfect for corporate entertainers.


When I first saw Mark perform this the audience just got more and more involved as it went on, and what's worse is that I got more and more fooled as it went on! I literally had no idea how Mark could possibly do what he was doing. 
The routine is so incredible looking and yet it is so, so simple! This is without doubt the ULTIMATE presentation for the Rubik Cube solve.
  -  Colin McLeod

This presentation takes the Cube out of the standardised setting it is usually seen in. Although I think that Mark’s regular cube solve is a powerful piece when he performs it,The Last Word squeezes even more amazement and astonishment out of the unsuspecting audience members. It is a mind-**** for sure!
Mark is a genius in the field, there are no two ways about it.
  - Paul Brook

I like it. A lot!
In my humble opinion, this is bloody ingenious. I would love to go on at length about exactly why it's so good, but I can't without revealing too much. It's the sort of thing that seems so impossible, and yet is so simple and so out-in-the-open that I just have to marvel at it. I dearly wish I could have seen it performed before I had read about it, because it would have kept me up nights.
  - Joshua Quinn

This second edition of The Last Word is limited to just 25 copies. 

The printed booklet comes complete with an accompanying disc containing all the video, multimedia and print files.
PLEASE NOTE: The Last Word is recommended for experienced performers only. Previous knowledge of how to solve the Rubik's Cube is assumed.

In stock and available for immediate delivery.

The price is £100.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Marco Polo & The Maps

This is a story that has been waiting centuries to be told...

The story of Marco Polo & The Maps.

In the thirteenth century, Italian merchant and explorer Marco Polo traveled from Venice to the far reaches of Asia, a journey he chronicled in a narrative titled Il Milione, later known as The Travels of Marco Polo. While Polo's writings would go on to inspire the likes of Christopher Columbus, scholars have long debated their veracity. Now, there's new evidence connected to this historical puzzle: a very curious collection of little-known maps and related documents said to have belonged to the family of Marco Polo himself.

In this brand new piece of interactive storytelling, you get the chance to guide your audience on a journey through several of these rare maps and reveal information not just about Polo and his travels but about your participants’ ability to sort fact from fiction. They will use their intuition to discover long hidden surprises and reveal specifics they couldn’t possibly know.

Beyond that, in the process of plotting a course through unseen maps, your participants will experience the thrill of ‘genuine’ remote viewing as they engage in a narrative linking European history, the age of exploration, the wonders of cartography and the untapped potential of the human mind.

Combining the incredible mystery of mentalism, the power of a real-life historical detective story and the gift of an impossible talent, Marco Polo & The Maps results in an unforgettable experience.

Marco Polo & The Maps comes with everything you need to perform: maps, an inventory and photos of the related documents, and a small palimpsest. As well, of course, as a full instruction manual explaining the stories to be told, the methods to be used and the experience to be shared. 

Limited availability.

Price: £55 plus postage.

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