Monday, 29 May 2017



1. a circular symbol depicting a snake swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness, infinity or self-reference.
2. a very, VERY unusual card trick.
3. an absolute miracle!

"I absolutely LOVE Ouroboros! No one else is releasing material on this level. Conceptually brilliant AND a total worker. My fave thing Mark has put out alongside Limelight."James Went

I think this might well be a brand new plot in card magic!

You show a deck of cards which is completely unlike ANY your audience has ever seen: every single card in the deck has something written on the face of it - exactly how it should be revealed! E.g. the Ace of Hearts has "Inside the box" written on it, meaning that should a participant pick the Ace of Hearts, it will appear inside the card box.

And all 52 cards have a different message: "Face-up in the deck", "Rise out of the deck", "Folded up in a box", "In a wallet (and an envelope!)", "Under your watch", "At a named number", etc, etc.

The deck is shuffled and the participant selects a card and reads the message, so that he knows how it will be revealed. The performer turns his head away so that he sees neither. The card is very cleanly shuffled back into the deck which is placed on the table. The performer never touches it again (oh, and nothing is palmed out of the deck at any time!)

The performer now asks how the card should be revealed and the participant responds: in the performer's pocket. The performer is dubious and shows his pocket empty. He then asks what card the participant chose and the participant says the "Three of Diamonds". The participant counts through the deck to find that there are only 51 cards and that the Three of Diamonds is missing.

The performer reaches inside his pocket again... and it is still empty. He asks the participant to tell him the EXACT words that were on the card. The participant replies that it said "In his pocket." The performer is incredulous as he explains that no one has ever picked the Three of Diamonds before and that the has always wondered how it would work! 

He says that since HE owns the deck, it means that the message is referring to the participant's pocket! Unbelievably, when the participant reaches into his own pocket he finds his own selected card!!

The good news is that Ouroboros is not just the killer trick described above, but a complete system, which means that the effect can be repeated with a different card and a different outcome. 

All of my preferred outcomes are 'card to impossible location' effects for reasons I explain in the instructions, but once you know the system you can adapt it to your own needs. It can also be very easily incorporated as the climax of any multiple selection routine that you might already perform.

Ouroboros is so strong that it has to be used as a closer. In fact it might be the ONLY card trick you include in that particular set. Certainly nothing can follow it.

And one of my beta testers has been astonishing with it at weddings, with the bride finding her selection inside the groom's pocket whilst you are stood on the opposite side of the table!

Comes will full instructions and all the required secret stuff. Supply your own Bicycle deck. I decided to let you write your own deck (which is fully explained in the instructions) so that Ourboros can be performed in any language.

Fantastic! Love the plot, it’s totally unique. And the effect seems completely impossible. This also opens up SO many avenues for workers. Jazz card magic just took a giant leap forward. Highest recommendation.”Gary Jones

The price is £25 plus postage.

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Digital Ouroboros

This eBook is an adaption of the original Ouroboros effect, discussing the effect in terms of its use with the Digital Force Bag app released by Nick Einhorn. 

Ouroboros is a brand new effect in card magic: the very act of choosing a card decides how the trick will end and the card will be revealed, since the revelation is physically written on the card itself. The Digital Ouroboros eBook provides a thorough conceptual background, without which I believe it is impossible to truly do the effect justice.

The Digital Ouroboros handling has some trade-offs in terms of concept, presentation and effect, but it allows you to perform something quite similar to the original using nothing more than the DRB app and a regular deck.

The price is £15.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Mentalism & Storytelling Workshop

The Workshop fee is £70.



On Friday June 30th I will be running a brand new Workshop focusing on Mentalism & Storytelling. This is the Friday morning before the MINDS Convention that takes place on the Saturday and Sunday.

The Workshop will be from 10:30am to 1:30pm which means that if you are attending Ian Rowland's afternoon lecture (and you should!) you have plenty of time for lunch.

The venue is in central Newcastle, very close to the railway station, the MINDS venue and Ian's lecture venue.

"The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling." - Cecil B. DeMille


This is a a brand-new masterclass exploring how to combine the two incredible art forms of Mentalism and Storytelling into a cohesive whole which is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

It will cover the fundamentals of storytelling, how to weave a story into and around mindreading and mentalism effects, and how to really affect people with your words and presentations, leaving your audiences with the memory of an experience they will never forget.

If you are interested in creating experiences rather than just performing material or tricks, this is the Workshop for you!

There is a specific mind-set you need to be in to deliver storytelling/mentalism pieces to their full potential and I will teach you the techniques that allow you to plug directly into that mind-set.

You will learn the necessary elements of all great storytelling and the specific principles needed to learn, create and deliver stories that can elevate your mentalism performances to another level entirely!

Finally, you will learn some incredible story/effects that you can add to your repertoire immediately. All of them have a powerful mentalism effect at their heart and allow you to practice your new storytelling skills straightaway. This means that you can start honing your delivery skills even before you have written any stories of your own.

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”
 - J. K. Rowling


In this instance we are talking about stories that complement, enhance and amplify a mentalism effect. Stories that you don't just tell, but share. and Over the last two years I have released several effects and routines that exemplify this beautiful combination:

An Endless Journey 

Lost And Found 

Peculiar Tales 

The Mysteries 

Marco Polo & The Maps 

Of course, this kind of deeper, more immersive material is perfect for those occasions when you have both the time and opportunity to present them properly and fully engage your audience

However the majority of the story/effects I'll be teaching in the Workshop are short, sharp shocks! Snappy little stories that deliver a killer effect and don't require either a lengthy performance window, involved set-up or special props.

"People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around." - Terry Pratchett


The Workshop is intended for mentalists, mindreaders, psychic entertainers, magicians and entertainers who want to add some depth, meaning and resonance to their performances.

Performers who enjoy delighting their audiences with something unique, interactive and memorable.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” - Phillip Pullman


You will also receive an exclusive booklet that has been specifically written for this Workshop. It will contain a primer on storytelling, details of the stories told and the 'performance' material that accompanies them. The booklet also contains a select Bibliography of some of the great storytelling mentalism material already in print.

You are also encouraged to take copious notes through out. In fact not just encouraged, it's mandatory! No audio or video recording will be allowed.


You will NOT be able to attend this event unless you have paid in advance. You CANNOT pay on the day or leave it until the last minute.

Places are strictly limited and are likely to sell out very quickly, so please click the Paypal button at the top to guarantee your place now.

Many thanks to Michael Murray (who runs the MINDS Convention) for his support of this Workshop. You can find out more about the Convention here: