Friday, 29 November 2019

Limelight - The Real Secrets

Limelight - The Real Secrets  

For Speakers and Trainers

In 2015 I released Limelight, my favourite routine that I have ever used, created or released. Developed over more than a decade and honed to perfection (or as close as I'll ever get!) over countless performances in every environment imaginable I was thrilled to see that it was immediately welcomed into the working repertoires of hundreds of performers around the world.

But there was one secret about my Limelight routine that I never mentioned - how the routine can be used by performers who are also business speakers or trainers.

Until now.

One of the most powerful aspects of Limelight is that it affords an instant control of someone who knows nothing about magic or performing and over the course of assisting you with the routine they are taught to model your behaviour and performance. And the ability to apply the embodied principles, psychology and language (spoken and non-verbal) to situations outside of the trick affords one a very powerful set of communication tools.

The entire morning session of my one-day communication workshop is based around my performance and analysis of Limelight. After performing the routine for the attendees, I then break down how the language and psychological techniques used in the performance can be utilised by anyone who wants to become a better communicator, in any corporate/business situation or environment whatsoever.

Of course, what I don't teach them is how the trick actually works! Rather the whole session focuses on the bigger secret: how to model the skills of a powerful performer in order to communicate more effectively and successfully. And Limelight provides the perfect framework to do exactly that.

So this new book - Limelight The Real Secrets for Speakers & Trainers - is designed for one purpose only: to explain exactly how to teach a group of business people to improve their communication skills using Limelight as a model of how to use language and psychological techniques to make a real difference to their interactions with clients, competitors and colleagues.

Whether you already do any kind of corporate speaking or training, or would like to, I think you will find this new book to be truly invaluable.

Limelight - The Real Secrets is released on a very limited basis with only 20 copies per printing.


The price is £150 including worldwide postage.

If you have any questions, no matter how specific, please email and ask.

If you don't already have Limelight, it is available here.

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