Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Last Word

The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube effect!
First came Rubik Remembered.
Then Rubik Predicted. 
And now, finally: The Last Word.

What is it? An utterly impossible prediction effect of not just how an audience will randomly mix up a Rubik’s Cube, but a 100% accurate prediction of exactly how to solve it! Whilst other performers are messing about predicting sports results, headlines and lottery numbers, you can beat odds of 43 quintillion-to-one against!!

It absolutely kills an audience. Any audience. Every audience.

Originally designed for use in a stand-up show, the kind of audience size which is traditionally referred to as ‘cabaret’, the great news is that it works equally well as a stage piece in a 2000-seater theatre and in any kind of close-up setting. It is absolutely perfect for corporate entertainers.


When I first saw Mark perform this the audience just got more and more involved as it went on, and what's worse is that I got more and more fooled as it went on! I literally had no idea how Mark could possibly do what he was doing. 
The routine is so incredible looking and yet it is so, so simple! This is without doubt the ULTIMATE presentation for the Rubik Cube solve.
  -  Colin McLeod

This presentation takes the Cube out of the standardised setting it is usually seen in. Although I think that Mark’s regular cube solve is a powerful piece when he performs it,The Last Word squeezes even more amazement and astonishment out of the unsuspecting audience members. It is a mind-**** for sure!
Mark is a genius in the field, there are no two ways about it.
  - Paul Brook

I like it. A lot!
In my humble opinion, this is bloody ingenious. I would love to go on at length about exactly why it's so good, but I can't without revealing too much. It's the sort of thing that seems so impossible, and yet is so simple and so out-in-the-open that I just have to marvel at it. I dearly wish I could have seen it performed before I had read about it, because it would have kept me up nights.
  - Joshua Quinn

This second edition of The Last Word is limited to just 25 copies. 

The printed booklet comes complete with an accompanying disc containing all the video, multimedia and print files.
PLEASE NOTE: The Last Word is recommended for experienced performers only. Previous knowledge of how to solve the Rubik's Cube is assumed.

In stock and available for immediate delivery.

The price is £100.

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