Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Rock Paper Winner


Rock Paper Winner - a brand new, minimalist approach to Rock Paper Scissors that uses just your business cards. All selections are done out of your hands and are completely free. And still you are able to predict the exact outcome with 100% certainty.

No gimmicks, no 'process', no dual reality, equivoque or any other nonsense.

Three business cards, two players, one guaranteed outcome. The performer chooses nothing, but predicts everything!

Everything can be examined and given away at the end. In fact you should - they're your business cards!

"You've tried the rest, now try the best! A rock has never been as deadly, scissors as cutting, paper as simple."
 - Marc Salem

"I've just read the eBook, bleeding brilliant, cheeky as ****...love it!!"
- Gary Jones

 "A lethal combination of ideas. Never mind I will use this, I AM using it!!!!"
 - Michael Murray

Rock Paper Winner is an illustrated eBook*. The price is £12.

 *Please note: eBook download link sent within two hours.