Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Florence Mystery & The MSM Mystery


The Florence Mystery and the The Mont Saint Michel Mystery.

They both feature an incredible story, enchanting photographs and powerful, mystifying effects.

Each focuses on an entirely different Mystery, although both involve the same protagonist, so could be considered a one-two punch of history, surprise, legend and wonderment.

Your participant acts as tour guide to these two exotic locations and he makes all the decisions about where and when to travel to the places depicted in each photograph. Impossibly, he is able to use his intuition, reasoning and cunning to uncover a daring art heist in Florence and a vicious murder in Mont Saint Michel.

Using beautiful and tactile props, each Mystery combines the most engaging elements of a great story with the power of a deeply-fooling mentalism effect. This results in a truly incredible performance piece and anyone who sees it will not only be captivated by it's impossibility, they will also remember its impact and potency for a long time afterwards.

The stories behind each Mystery are not at all scary, but the repercussions of the participant's unique insights might well be another matter...

Each Mystery comes with lovely reproductions of vintage photographs, a specially-produced carrying pack (you can see both of these in the photos below) plus an additional vintage item not shown below. 

Whether you have previously enjoyed Endless Journey, Lost & Found and Peculiar Tales or this is your first foray into the world of Storytelling Mentalism, let me assure you that these ARE the Mysteries you're looking for!

Both are technically very easy to perform and whilst you will certainly need to familiarise yourself with the required 'handling', far more important is that you spend some time immersing yourself in the story, as well as learning something about several of the places depicted in the photos and the people involved. This will pay rich dividends during performance, as your attention to detail will provide the resonance that makes The Mystery sing! 

Each accompanying instruction manual contains: full handling details, the complete story, thoroughly-researched history and details about all the places in the photos, information about the people involved in each Mystery and guidelines on how to draw in your participant in order to leverage maximum response.

Presented properly, your participant will feel like he was actually there!

"Mark, as you know I own and love all of of your storytelling material, but The Mysteries is the one I perform the most. I can't imagine how much research you must have put into it. It's a bona fide classic." - Dr Alistair Hopkins

The Mysteries is a limited edition release of 100 copies. Fewer than 15 copies remain available and once it is sold out there are no plans to reprint it.

In order to fund ongoing projects, these last few copies of The Mysteries are available at the slightly discounted price of £120.

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