Sunday, 20 November 2016

Easy Elsdon eBooks


"If you haven't yet managed to get hold of these magnificent eBooks your certainly missing out! Mark has painstakingly put together a plethora of hugely usable and easy to learn material which I highly recommend... a compendium of magic to suit every performer!"
- Moz 'Mozique' Powrie

"I love getting Easy Elsdon in my email every month. There hasn't been a single issue where I haven't found at least one thing that I've started using immediately. That's an incredible hit rate. Keep it up mate!"
- Jerry O'Dowd  

Easy Elsdon is a new series of eBooks featuring material that is powerful enough to use at a gig, but VERY easy to learn. So easy, in fact, that you can learn it in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!

Each eBook contains six killer effects that will simply stun laymen. Tricks that you can learn in 5 minutes and perform immediately, yet are still strong enough for a working pro!

These tricks and methods were devised as a result of realising that a lot of casual (and some professional!) performers simply do not have the time to become serious students of magic, spend hundreds (thousands?) of hours practicing sleight-of-hand or collect a several-thousand-book library. Agree or disagree, this is just a fact of life...

So in assembling these eBooks, I created, adapted and simplified a ton of material that had to meet the two basic requirements mentioned above:

1.    Is this trick strong enough to use at a gig?

2.    Can someone learn it in just a few minutes?

The results can be read in this new Easy Elsdon series, of which the first eight eBooks are now available:

Mentalism 1, 2 & 3, Card Magic 1 & 2, Coin Magic 1 & 2 and Paper Magic.
They are currently only available directly from me. The price is £15 per eBook.

However the best and cheapest option is to subscribe for the year:

The price of these eBooks is be £15 each, meaning a total cost of £180 for the first year. However, you can to subscribe to the whole year’s worth of eBooks for just £99 - an almost 50% discount!

This means that each eBook will cost you just £8.25 instead of £15. You will also receive a Winter Bonus eBook that is only available to subscribers.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that there is zero chance of the eBook releases being delayed or falling behind schedule, because all the tricks are already written :-)

Forthcoming volumes of Easy Elsdon include Phone Magic, Word Magic, Card Magic 3 and Borrowed Object Magic.

To buy one eBook (please specify in the Pp comments which one) for £15:

To subscribe to the whole series (12 issues and the Winter bonus) for £99:

*Please note: eBooks(s) delivered within 24 hours maximum. And usually 24 minutes :-)
If you subscribe you will receive all 5 eBooks released to date.