Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I’ve finally decided to release B'Voque my handling of the 'Four Card Brainwave' effect. Previously shared only with those who have attended my exclusive Equivoque Workshops, this super-strong card effect can now be yours!

Effect: You ask a spectator to imagine four cards in an envelope. They make various choices - every single step of the way, they are in total control of what happens to the four cards - and amazingly, their chosen card is the only one reversed in the envelope. But there's more! You then reveal that the named card also has a different coloured back to the other three. There's still more!! You then destroy their minds completely by showing that the other three cards are actually BLANK.

The reactions are CRAZY!!!

And everything can be immediately examined.

Based on a plot originated by Marlo, developed by Trost and Miesel and popularised by Supreme Magic as ‘Parade of the Kings’, the small packet Brainwave effect is a modern classic. The title was inspired by Goldstein’s seminal version and the handling was developed many years ago when I began my explorations of Equivoque.

The good news is that this is such a different, minimalistic approach to Equivoque that it is the easiest thing you’ll learn this year.

Want to see what kind of impact it has in performance? Here you go…

 The price is just £12.

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