Thursday, 26 February 2015

Elsdon has the Last Laugh!

"He who laughs last, laughs longest."

Last Laugh is my unique take on the 'stranger card' plot:

Two decks of cards are introduced, both with different backs. One of the decks is removed from its box, shown to be 100% regular and shuffled. A participant now selects a card from the deck and sight unseen places it into his pocket.

You now state you are going to attempt to cut to the matching card but from the other deck. Your audience will be impressed by your skill when you accurately practice-cut to both the jokers. 

What happens next is where the madness begins: You start cutting to and removing joker after joker after joker from the deck. Everyone will think they've been had and that the whole thing is nothing more than a wind up! They will assume that it's a complete deck of jokers and then just when the let their guard down you hit them hard!

Yes every card in the pack is a joker. Well almost - every card except one. There are 51 face-up jokers and one single card left face down on the table. 

For the first time your participant removes and shows his card. You could now cut the tension with a knife. You have them reach over and take a look at the card on the table... it's a perfect match!

Your spectators may have had a giggle throughout the routine but you certainly had the Last Laugh ;-)

Last Laugh is easy to do and comes complete with a special deck and a registration code that gives you instant access to a full training video to get you started right away!

The price is £22.
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Against All Odds - A 14 Million To 1 Miracle!

If there is one thing we all have in common it’s that we all wish we could predict the Lottery. But with odds of almost 14,000,000 to 1 it seems impossible! 

Lottery fever is a worldwide phenomenon and there was a time when you couldn't walk in to a shop without seeing some novelty way of generating your numbers.

The Lottery Deck is one of those ways. The idea is simple: mix the deck, select six cards and take your chance! BUT what if nothing was left to chance? What if you could actually predict the lottery?
Based on my original lottery effect, created well over a decade ago, the Alakazam team (Peter, Andi and Dave) have added a new design, more kickers, plus a ton of new handlings and ideas.

Against All Odds is a custom designed and printed deck which looks perfect in every way.

Basic Effect:
A spectator is handed a lottery ticket to hold on to. They fairly mix the lottery deck and randomly (no Equivoque) select six cards, each one depicting a different number lottery ball. They open the ticket and the numbers match perfectly!

Against All Odds takes this incredible plot and makes the selection process seem so free and fair, your spectator will suspect nothing and feel like they have made every decision themselves, yet the numbers will always match 100%.

Against All Odds comes complete with:
- Custom Printed Deck
- DVD with Multiple handlings for close up, parlour and stage 
- Bonus cards and routine

With a pack of Against All Odds cards in your pocket you are set to perform a 5-10 minute close up or cabaret set that will leave your audience speechless. 

The price is £22.

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At The Table - Creativity Lecture DVD

This is the DVD of the lecture I gave for Murphy’s Magic. It is titled Creating Magic, and focuses on the skills and techniques needed for ANY magician to learn to create their own tricks. Want to be a creative machine? This DVD will teach you how.

Over the years I have created dozens of the effects using one specific creative tool, a tool which I kept secret from everyone.

That tool is the Creative Whack Pack, available here as a physical deck:

And here as an app:

Using examples of published and marketed tricks from my own repertoire, I teach exactly how I used Roger’s awesome ‘Whack’ tool to invent each specific trick. Following these practical techniques will help anyone become more creative in their approach to inventing magic.

Based on years of research, I also recommend the best books on creativity, and teach how the more general approaches described in those books can be purposely adapted to the creation of original magic effects, methods and presentations.

Tricks-wise, you will learn:

Triple Impact - The ideal walk-around trick. Not only does the magician predict which three cards a spectator will remove from the deck, he also predicts exactly which three freely-chosen pockets the spectator will choose to put them in!

Dream Poker - The tables are turned as the spectator successfully reads the magician's mind, revealing details about the magician's dream that he couldn't possibly know.

Rubik's Solve - using a puzzle rather than a blindfold.

Rubik Predicted - See the hand-drawn genesis of the effect, learn the various version Mark created along the way and then learn the secret to the marketed effect. Finally, I show what happens when you carry on your thinking after an effect is complete and marketed.

ME CAAN - A worker's version of the ACAAN plot using a borrowed deck. No set-up, no gimmicks, no math, just a practical approach that leaves laymen thinking they've seen the impossible.

UnCAANy – What happens when you set out to create a prediction trick that feels 100% free and fair, but where everything is actually 100% forced.

Heirloom Redux – Possibly the best trick you can carry in your wallet.

Bottle-capped - A mentalism effect where the spectator impossibly predicts the magician's favorite brand of beer.

Wishful Tinkering - Within the context of a card trick, the spectator's wishes all come true. It climaxes with the cleanest card to pocket imaginable. A great example of applying the creative process to an existing trick to devise a completely different (and much easier!) method.

Conversation as Mentalism (four effects) - What happens when you apply creative techniques to entirely remove all the props from a mentalism effect. Imagine being able to amaze people without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks, anytime, anywhere with just the knowledge in your head.


The price is £16.

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The Meridian Technique DVD Set

The Meridian Technique will help you create a lasting impression that will keep audiences talking about you and your magic for years to come. It will ensure you make maximum impact at every single gig you ever do and that you leave on an absolute high.

The basis of the technique is that you end each strolling performance with one parlor piece performed for everyone, gathered around you. To build interest in this amazing ending to your evening's performance, you "tease" what you will do to each group that you perform for. You talk deliberately about how impossible the trick is, when you will do it, and that they are all invited to see you there later. There are many advantages to doing this, both theatrically and economically. Best of all, your host remembers that you did something far beyond what any other magician at a strolling performance would do and sees you having a powerful effect on the audience's perception of both you and the venue. Win/win!

The running time is 3 hours, and you will see over 45 minutes of performance footage from Mark's restaurant/bar residency in the UK. Many of the tricks are discussed, but beyond that the focus is really on the Meridian Technique itself, and how to take tricks you already do, and turn them into climactic showpieces at the end of your strolling magic. Truly, this simple, brilliant strategy will make a massive difference to the way you work close-up.

"The technique will change the way an audience perceives you as a magician. Whether you are an experienced close-up performer or just starting your career, The Meridian Technique is a must!" Peter Duffie

Two DVDs and slipcase. Running time: 3 hours. Includes Meridian Technique ebook.

The price is £32.

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