Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A Head Full of Books

Here is your new favourite impromptu book test! A Head Full of Books has actually replaced the Hoy book test as my go-to casual mind-reading effect.

Whilst visiting someone's home (or in a bar or coffee shop that has books on the shelves) you ask someone to select ANY book from their library or off the shelf. He opens the book to ANY page and reads the first few lines to himself while you look away.

Without touching the book you immediately reveal what he just read! It's that clean.

ZERO memory work.
Use almost ANY book, in ANY language.
NOTHING is written down by the participant or the performer.
NO sleights, finger breaks or other moves.
NO forcing - it really is a randomly selected book and a freely selected page.
NO maths, calculations, apps or other unnecessary process.

“Seriously this is a steal... Looks exactly as explained above, once again brilliant thinking from Mark. Nuff said.” – Michael Clark

“Purchased this and already read it through. This is brilliant thinking from Mark and this is definitely something I will use.”
– Daniel Thomsen

A Head Full of Books is fully explained in an eBook*.
The price is £15.

* eBook will be sent to the email address listed on your Paypal account within 12 hours. Usually much sooner and often immediately.