Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Kane & Elsdon

Introducing a new, irregular series..
Back in the mid-1990s I used to meet up with Peter Kane a couple of times a week for a magic session.

One of the meet-ups was in his home town of Denton and after a few months it started to become a bit of a ‘challenge session’ each week where Peter and I would both come up with a different handling of the same trick to try out on the patrons and bar staff of the various pubs and working men’s clubs that we would frequent.  The audiences were very appreciative and almost always badly fooled. As was I! After all, Peter was a genius, there is no doubt about that.

These sessions were very fruitful creatively and I have a whole note-book of these tandem effects by the two of us which remain almost entirely unpublished. These small new eBooks are the first time that any of this Kane material had been published. Each eBook contains two handlings of the same plot, one by myself and one by Peter. They are always hugely different to one another!

There is no publishing schedule and no subscriptions will be taken. Simply check back occasionally and pick up the ones you've missed... 

Volume 1: The Open Prediction eBook*
Price: £10

Volume 2: Impossible Card Locations eBook*
Price: £10

*eBooks usually sent within 1 hour. Very often much quicker, very occasionally a little slower.