Sunday, 13 May 2018

Choice of One

Choice Of One
(It's the ONLY way!)

This manuscript explains my Universal Equivoque Technique.

This is a very minimalist approach to Equivoque, stripped of the usual justifications, over-handling and verbose process. Rather it uses a much more relaxed style and a casual, game-play attitude, and ends with a definitively free choice on the part of the participant.

The UET can be used with any objects and any number of them. And, most importantly, the technique works perfectly in any language! In this manuscript I particularly focus on how to use the Technique using the gimmicked coin which is included in the package.

The participant removes a handful of change and you take quite a few of his coins and place them on the table. There are at least six or seven different coins, and nine in total. You explain that you have just one single coin in your pocket – the ‘target’ coin - which you remove and keep hidden in your hand. The participant makes some genuinely random choices which serve to eliminate coins until just two remain. He freely eliminates one final coin leaving the last coin on the table (he pockets all the others). You show the ‘target’ coin you are holding. Not only is the coin an exact match, so is the date!

This describes the original version for use in the UK, since the gimmicked coin is a UK coin. 

And it totally doesn't matter that the gimmicked coin is a UK one; I have successfully performed the Choice Of One effect all over Europe and the US using a variant handling where quite a few coins are used from various countries (Euros, US Quarters, Swedish Krona etc. as well as UK coins) which I carry in a small coin pouch and simply mention that I have "picked up on my travels". In this handling, a handful of coins are used from four or five different countries, and again the participant correctly chooses a random coin which exactly matches your 'target' and it's date.

Either version can be performed as an incredible prediction, an exercise in powerful influence, or as an impossible coincidence. The booklet adds several psychological and presentational elements that amplify the effect immeasurably, whichever your preferred performance choice.

The trick I use to teach Choice Of One is a very powerful piece of seemingly-impromptu close-up mentalism. But more importantly you will learn the basics of a universally applicable system that can be used any time and any place and with any objects to perform an impromptu miracle!

Choice of One comes in two versions:

Version 1 - International Version. Contains the instruction booklet and ALL the coins required to perform the trick anywhere in the world (nine coins in total, from multiple counties) and including the gimmicked UK coin and matching prediction coins.
£40 including Airmail postage.

Version 2 - UK-only Version. Contains the instruction booklet and ONLY the gimmicked UK coin. You can supply everything else yourself from the change in your pocket.  
NOTE: you should only buy this version if you live in the UK.
£32 including UK postage.