Friday, 21 April 2017

Card Tricks Are Fantastic!

After months of work I am VERY pleased to announce this:

Using a fabulous deck of limited-edition Snap cards created by the inexplicable British artist David Shrigley I have concocted some incredible card magic which you will absolutely love to perform. Because card tricks are fantastic!

As well as the Shrigley Deck you will receive a booklet teaching six tricks. Four of them are incredibly powerful pieces of card magic (including the updated handling of my widely-performed PrePreFiguration trick) and two of them are very magical, but as befits the work of the irreverently dark and humorous Shrigley, they have somewhat more surreal endings. One of the tricks even has its own Twitter account! I kid you not!!

All six of them are serious foolers and can be performed alone or routined into a full, killer set.

The 52-card deck comes in a metal tin and the cards themselves are gorgeous and handle like a dream. They are a perfect piece of off-kilter Shrigley art and so the tricks and presentations I have created using them take a similar avant-garde approach. If you want something different that will make you stand out from the crowd and make a statement, this is it!

The deck is made up of 13 different matching sets of four cards, exactly like a regular deck. But with no suits and 13 offbeat Shrigley images and messages instead of values, this means that all the tricks really pop visually! The backs of all 52 cards are identical. Here is what the metal tin and some of the illustrations look like:

Although this release focuses on the six Card Tricks, the creative performer will immediately see the potential for using them for a ton of existing effects as well as creating their own unique material. And of course, they are also perfect for mentalism (wink, wink!)

Card Tricks Are Fantastic is not just a fabulous prop to do killer magic with, it is also a highly collectible piece of art.

Available in a signed, limited edition of 150 copies.  
The price is £50.

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