Thursday, 10 November 2016

Svengali Pad

Finally, a Svengali Pad that looks like a real pad that you might actually use!

The must-have mentalism utility - now available in the exact same style as my SpyPad*

This means that you can use what looks like the same pad throughout your performance, rather than the alternative of it looking like you are suddenly using a different pad for no explainable reason...

You already know what the Svengali Pad does: allows you to force anything at all, in any language.

The Svengali Pad looks like an ordinary memo pad from your favorite office supply shop... because it is. This is not some specially made pad that looks like nothing you've ever actually seen in a shop, but a pad that looks exactly like the ones you see and use all the time.

Show all of the 60 pages to be different (words, pictures, places, names, whatever). Then openly hand the pad to a participant to secretly look at just one item. You instantly know exactly what that item is.

The Svengali Pad is a true utility prop that can be used for mentalism and magic. It's easy to carry and just as suitable to use one-on-one as it is for cabaret or stage.

The Svengali Pad measures 5" x 3".

The first picture shows the Svengali Pad next to the SpyPad. They really are identical! The other two pics are of the Svengali Pad closed and open (obviously!)

The Svengali Pads are £40 for 2 pads.

Temporarily sold out due to overwhelming demand :-)

* SpyPads are available here:

Spypad Info & Order Page