Sunday, 25 September 2016

Peculiar Tales

Peculiar Tales - Stories To Freak People Out

Do you want to genuinely unsettle people with some weird tricks and stories? Then you need this! Peculiar Tales is a set of creepy and mysterious photos that enable you to perform some incredibly odd mentalism

The accompanying printed book fully explains the tricks, the methods and the stories. There are eight stories in total. The book also contains a primer on the best way to perform this type of material.

Some of the tricks use multiple photos, some use just one. Some are perfect for close-up and walkaround gigs this Autumn whilst others are best saved for those times when you REALLY want to mess with someone's head and leave them with an image they will never forget...

All of them are practical, fooling and somewhat grotesque.

Peculiar Tales is a limited first edition of 150 copies. 
Sold out!