Friday, 2 May 2014

World Cup Winner 2014

Just in time for this summer's fun and games:

Perform a killer mind-reading and prediction effect based on the Brasil 2014 World Cup!

With the world’s premier football tournament taking place in Brasil throughout the summer, this fantastic short routine plugs straight into the world’s biggest sporting obsession and proves that your mind-reading skills have no limits...

In effect, the spectator freely chooses a random team (genuinely!) which might win this summer's World Cup and you cleanly read his mind and tell him that exact team! No anagrams, he doesn't write anything down, he can even change his mind. Yet you are 100% correct every time. Even better - you then go on to reveal your prediction, a betting slip containing a bet on that exact same team to win the tournament!!

Perfect for close-up, fantastic for stand-up and guaranteed to win you free drinks from your mates down at the pub, WCW 2014 is a must-have for anyone who wants a mental winner during this summer’s World Cup.

*Note: Although the routine is written up to be performed in English, it can be very easily adapted to any other language.

World Cup Winner 2014 is a pdf file and will be sent within a max of 6 hours, although it is usually nearer 6 minutes!

The price is £10.