Sunday, 26 February 2012

Equivoque Workshop

On Saturday 3rd of March I will be holding the very first Equivoque Workshop. The venue is just off Covent Garden in central London.

The goal of the Workshop is to make attendees into experts on Equivoque, providing them with an overview of its history, an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, full instruction on several of my personal unpublished effects and the ability to construct powerful, original Equivoque effects for themselves.

Here is a run-down of the day’s programme:

9.30am      Arrival

10.00am    Workshop Session 1: A complete overview of the subject of Equivoque, discussing its history and its exponents, and explaining how it can be so powerful and why it so rarely is. I will outline a revolutionary approach to Equivoque and explain the precise mechanics of how to perform it with a 100% success rate.

11.15am    Break

11.30am    Workshop Session 2: I will teach four Equivoque-based effects. Three of these are from my private repertoire and do not appear in the forthcoming Equivoque book. Nor will they ever be available anywhere other than at the Workshop.

1.00pm      Lunch

2.00pm      Workshop Session 3: Interactive learning sessions for attendees to try out the effects and techniques taught in Session 2. I will work individually with each person to make sure that they are incorporating the core techniques properly into their own speech patterns and body language. This one-on-one coaching will ensure that everyone is learning the key skills in a way that works effectively for them personally.

3.30pm      Break

3.45pm      Workshop Session 4: I will teach each of the six Equivoque strategies that I use to create and develop professional-calibre Equivoque-based effects. These six tools are being explained exclusively to Workshop attendees; they are not taught (or even specifically mentioned) in the Equivoque book. Knowledge of these strategies will allow attendees to develop their own personal impromptu, close-up and stage effects.

4.45pm      Equivoque Question and Answer Session

5.15pm      Finish

Whilst the whole day has a serious goal – to make everyone present an expert practitioner of Equivoque – it will have a very informal atmosphere where discussion and collaboration is encouraged.

The fee for the Workshop is £250.

The Workshop fee includes lunch as well as drinks before we begin and at both break times. I will also be around for the rest of the evening for anyone who wants to hang out, drink beer and chat magic and mentalism.

You will also receive a free, signed copy of the Equivoque Is A Way Of Life book when it is released.

On the day I will be providing a thorough outline of all the material, effects and techniques discussed. However you are encouraged to take copious notes, particularly during the one-on-one tuition. The use of audio or video recording devices will not be permitted.

This Workshop already took place - thanks to all who attended.