Saturday, 2 July 2011

On The Mark 2.0

The same killer effect, but in a new hip-pocket sized wallet.

Back in April of 2010 I finally decided to release my killer named card in wallet effect which is the opener in every stand-up show I do.

The effect goes way beyond anything previously devised and features the following benefits:

·        Only one wallet used.
·        No deck required.
·        Different card every performance.
·        The card they name is the exact one in the envelope – no ‘off by one’ or other outs.
·        No sleight-of-hand.
·        Perfect for both close-up and stand-up performance.

It is fooling, practical and commercial, combining a real worker’s method with a powerful effect and an engaging presentation. And lots of performers bought one and are using it regularly in their performances.

However, I got TONS of emails and messages from performers who never wear a jacket, and for whom the original OTM pocket-sized wallet was too big.

So now, I am pleased to announce the release of OTM 2.0 – the same killer effect, but in a new hip-pocket sized wallet.

Comes complete with a beautiful leather wallet, envelopes, Bicycle card gimmicks and very detailed instructions and script.

The new wallet is a standard-sized hip-pocket wallet, with the usual space for cash, credit cards, driver's licence etc.

Here is a picture of what the new hip-pocket wallet looks like:

And here is a discussion of the original OTM, with reviews from many satisfied purchasers:

The price is £50.

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