Monday, 6 June 2011

Mentalism Reveals Volume 2

So, as Olivier's Henry V so beautifully put it: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more". 

This florid introduction is simply to alert you to the fact that Mentalism Reveals Volume 2 will be available very shortly. Advance comments from friends who have seen the manuscript is that whilst some of the material is a powerful and motivational extension of Volume 1, much of it goes in stimulating directions that they simply didn’t anticipate.

It is identical in format to the first Volume, albeit with a slightly higher page count.

Here is the artwork and ad: 

Mentalism Reveals Volume 2
Further journeys of exploration and discovery.

If you are searching for ways to make yourself and your performances more relevant, more powerful and more memorable, then look no further. Mentalism Reveals Volume 2 contains presentational techniques and performance material that will help you to become the performer you have always wanted to be.

One particular focus is on the key element of using mentalism to reveal more about yourself (your life, your history, your interests) in order to make you an extraordinary performer. This new volume teaches simple yet powerful strategies to become more captivating and appealing to your audience.

Also discussed is how to build a character and how to properly integrate that character into your performance. There is truly inspirational material on motivation in mentalism, and the recipe for how to successfully take  your audience on a meaningful and authentic journey.

MR2 also contains a revelatory section on Contact Mind-Reading which goes to the very limit of what can be accomplished with this incredible technique. When performed well, CMR looks like the real thing! And best of all, the procedures taught here for learning and practicing it are practical and stress-free, ensuring that it is within the grasp of anyone who wants to learn and use this remarkable skill.

Naturally, parts of this new book build on the theories and ideas shared in the ground-breaking Mentalism Reveals, extending and amplifying the concepts previously taught in ways that will surprise and inspire you! However, this new Volume is a complement to the original and as such stands alone and is completely self-contained.

It is a limited edition of 100 copies and there are just a few copies left.

Available early January.

The price is £100 (including postage).


Comments on Mentalism Reveals:

“I must say that Mentalism Reveals is probably the one of the most inspiring book that focuses solely on mentalism in a long time.” - Magnus Bodin

“I’ve been privy to the contents of Mentalism Reveals for quite a while now and to be quite bloody honest I don't want Mark to release it!!! There I’ve said it. Favourite book of 2010 for me.” - Looch

“Mark has certainly made me think about the way I perform, and maybe more importantly, why I perform (in the eyes of the spectators).” - Rob Bond

“Along with Ken Weber's book, this is a must have on your performance bookshelf.” - Quentin Reynolds

“There was information inside that really caused me to re-evaluate both my act and my thoughts about of the best books I have read!” - R. Lee Davis

“The people who read this book can only become better performers, there are no two ways about it.” - Paul Brook

“It is an expensive book but the information contained within is worth every penny. I am sure those that got their hands on the 100 copies will have a performance advantage over those that don't and will more likely to be remembered by their audiences.” - Andrew Reid

“I'm content with this being a limited release. To me it's pure gold. Shall take its place on and off my shelf! I've even started jotting personal improvements in a separate journal alongside it.” - Nicholas Byers

“I must say that I am very happy with it and I'm sorry for those who couldn't get their hands on a copy. This is a book that is a must read for all mentalists or people calling themselves a mentalist.” - Bart Nijs

“Really wonderful job putting these thoughts together. A must have in the Library.” - Andrew Gerard