Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ye Olde Prediction


A new little trick to delight the hearts and tickle the minds of your audiences: Ye Olde Prediction.

It is essentially a very strong prediction card trick, but it is far enough off the beaten track to fit right into the repertoire of any magician, mentalist, storyteller or other oddball (and I count myself as all four!)

The effect? Here it is: 

The performer introduces a letter printed on parchment paper, which he says is a reproduction of a letter found in the collection of King George III, and which contains the instructions for an unbelievable card trick!

The performer and spectator follow the instructions in the letter and end up with a selected card and a pile of random cards. The letter predicts the exact card and the total values of the random cards in a visually incredible way.

Is this gonna get you a TV special? Well, no. BUT, if you ever meet anyone who has had a TV special , then you can perform Ye Olde Prediction to both fool them and charm their pants off! 

The PDF contains the full instructions and the printable letter, and will be emailed to you within the hour. Usually.

And the price for this l'il gem? A measly £10! Order here: