Friday, 29 October 2010

Mentalism Reveals

Well, the word is out...

In early January* I will be releasing a new book titled Mentalism Reveals. It is a 120-page hard back, and represents an awful lot of time spent studying, learning, thinking about and (most importantly) performing mentalism. Here are the details:


Mentalism Reveals
A duality of exploration and discovery.

The first part of the book discusses what mentalism reveals about you - both as a performer and as a person. That your choices about style and premise reveal as much about you as your choice of material. And why that informs and impacts on every aspect of your performance, whether you are a working professional or a casual hobbyist.

What is the goal of mentalism in the 21st Century? What is your goal in performing? And why does it matter?

Through the use of stimulating questions and some unexpected and controversial answers, Mentalism Reveals examines and evaluates the approaches that work. This ensures that this is not just an abstract, theoretical analysis of the issues that lie at the heart of the mystery arts, but offers solid real-world frameworks upon which to build your performances.

The second part examines mentalism ‘reveals’ or revelations themselves. This is an aspect of the art that is crucial to any good performance but sadly neglected by many performers: how to reveal information in the most impressive and entertaining way possible. After the force, glimpse or peek, what are the best ways to reveal a selected thought, word, number or playing card? Methods and techniques are taught which will amplify the way you reveal any kind of information and turn the climax of every effect you do into a genuinely memorable experience.

We’ve all seen too many sub-standard performers using the “I’m getting the letter L” or the “I’m seeing the colour black” type of revelation which are a complete anti-climax, and leave the audience simply wondering how the performer found out the information (and often, why they bothered!) The principles and fully-scripted revelations taught in this book ensure that you will never give one of these weak ‘why bother’ performances.

Whilst you will want to take your time to study this material, you will learn how your script, language and timing can immediately be improved to strengthen your performance.  Powerful methodologies are taught that can be used just as they are, but which are also de-constructed in order to teach you how to incorporate the essential components into the effects that you already perform.

If you want to be a stronger and more memorable performer, Mentalism Reveals gives you both the knowledge and the skills you need. You’ll never look at performing the same way again...

The book also contains a rather splendid surprise which is not mentioned above (nor will I disclose to anyone) and which I will let purchasers discover for themselves.

You can read a review at the Marketplace of the Mind here:

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It is a limited edition of 100 copies.

The price is £100 (including postage).