Monday, 9 August 2010

On The Mark

A couple of months ago I finally decided to release my killer named card in wallet effect, On The Mark.

Inspired by Rich Bloch, Kenton Knepper and Marc Oberon, I wanted an effect that goes beyond anything previously devised and which fits the following criteria:

• Only one wallet used.

• No deck required.

• Different card every performance.

• The card they name is the exact one in the envelope – no ‘off by one’ or other outs.

• No sleight-of-hand.

• Perfect for both close-up and stand-up performance.

On The Mark is that effect! It is fooling, practical and commercial, combining a real worker’s method with a powerful effect and an engaging presentation.

It comes complete with a beautiful leather wallet, envelopes, Bicycle card gimmicks and (very) detailed instructions.

Here is a picture of what the wallet looks like:

And here is a demo of me performing the effect:

And finally here are some quotes about On The Mark:

I have to say how awesome this is. It just proves that Mark is a genius. Plus the concept stretches far beyond this effect!

- Paul Brook

Mark’s thinking on the psychology of this routine is WONDERFUL. When you learn it, you'll immediately start thinking up other routines you can use it for too!

- Colin McLeod

This is a wonderful, wonderful effect. If you could psychologically influence somebody to select a single card from 52 – or if somebody really could use their natural intuition (or perhaps psychic powers) to intuit a single card that has been sitting in front of them the whole time – this is EXACTLY how it would look.

Five stars for this.

- Drew McAdam

Move over Bang On and KK...

The reason I like this is that it is so clean and fair. At no time did I feel coerced by the presentation, as each choice I made was confirmed by Mark and in absolute terms.

The wallet is extremely high quality and fits credit cards, money, and other this can be carried on you at all times and you have a strong and direct piece of mentalism with you.

- Dr Todd Landman

On The Mark is available now, priced £45 including postage.
To order using Paypal: