Friday, 16 July 2010


Finally! A cold-reading system that you might actually use...

SRS is my newly released cold-reading system, designed for people who:

1. Haven't got the time (or inclination!) to spend hours studying and memorizing a system or the opportunity to use it often enough to keep it in memory. And,

2. Don't want to do a psychic-style reading, as it doesn't suit them and/or their audience.

Sound like you? Great! You've come to the right place. Here is the ad copy:

SRS – less work than The Cube, more fun than Q & A!
SRS stands for Simplex Reading System. It is a practical cold-reading method designed for mentalists and magicians who want to learn to do readings, but simply haven’t got the time to spend hours and hours memorising traditional systems. Impossible though it sounds, SRS actually requires NO memory work! That’s right, none, nada, zilch. Making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.
With the information provided in this new manuscript you will immediately be able to give anyone an intelligent, perceptive reading. And because of the way it is structured, if you were to meet that person again in a year’s time, you could give them the exact same reading. And remember, no memory work is required.

SRS takes a bold new approach by employing a seemingly random series of questions as the ‘theme’, which means it is perfect for those who want to get away from the more traditional systems. Whilst it will more than satisfy anyone who has previously had an old-school reading, it is also perfect for those looking for a less ‘psychic’ style reading, i.e. something more in tune with today’s psychological approach to mentalism and magic.

The System comes complete with everything you need: the full instruction booklet (not an e-book!), question sheets (printed samples and PDFs so that you can print your own) and a sample reading so that you can see how the system works in practice. Plus audio files of further sample readings being given, so that you can hear exactly how simple, direct and powerful it is. Plus, for those who are brand new to reading, a PDF of informative, entertaining lines that will make you seem like an expert.

SRS has its roots in Ken de Courcy’s fantastic Systematic Seer and therefore shares a lineage with work by Ron Martin, Richard Webster and Mark Sherman. However, SRS heads off in a completely different direction and is a far more ‘pop culture’ approach than anything that has gone before.

If you want to give a reading that sounds like you are in the 21st century rather than the 19th, SRS is for you!
SRS is out now, priced £40.

Sold Out!