Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Man in the Rubber Mask...

If you could do with a seriously good laugh, then please check out this video by my friend and collaborator Jasper Blakeley in one of his many (dis)guises:

Somebody give him a TV show now...

Whilst Jasper is waiting for BBC3 to get in touch, you can avail yourself of his expertise by booking one of his performance workshops. I've watched him deliver his hands-on training and it is excellent, fulfilling all the three 'I's of good teaching - informative, instructive and inspirational. I can guarantee that you would benefit hugely from spending a day with him. Full details here:



Also well worth checking out is the new online-only series from Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next. It is very, very funny in that excruciating post-Extras style that seems so current, but trust me, they have taken it waaaaay further than you ever would have thought they were capable of. Imagine Alan Partridge, but with Coogan playing himself, with no character to hide behind...

Watch it here:



Is it just me or does there seem to be more ebooks than ever being released. I'm sure that there must be at least one new ebook released every single day!

I recently read Nevermind - The Mentalism of Mat L'Anoire. To be fair (and because I know that some of you get so uptight about these kind of things...!) it would be better described as 'mental magic done with playing cards' than 'mentalism'. The standout effect for me was Scribble which is excellent. As well as being a very clever card revelation it introduces a rather devious principle which has the potential for much wider application. I'd like to think that someone will read it and develop an absolutely killer effect with it, however since almost all of us simply collect ebooks like sweets, and simply skim through them, never reading them properly, much less trying the effects out, it seems unlikely... Oh well.

Check out Nevermind and in particular Scribble here:



Finally, here is my album of the week: Stars - The Five Ghosts. More stunning, dreamy, indie-pop that deserves to be delighting everybody's ears.

Samples, downloads and CD here: