Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Welcome! I've been waiting for you...

Having spent far too long talking about starting this blog, I finally decided that it's time to stop talking and start typing. So, here we are.

In this lil' corner of the net I'll be writing about whatever stuff I've been reading/writing/watching and performing. News, reviews and viewpoint; in other words all the usual nonsense. All filtered through an Elsdon's-eye view of the world.

The majority of posts will be on our chosen subject of El Magico, but I will also be waxing lyrical about whatever books, puzzles, music, films, sites, conversations and daydreams have flitted across my consciousness.

I'll even be asking the BIG questions in magic, like: Will Gambit #2 be released before Christmas? Which Christmas? In a Magic Deathmatch: The Poddycast vs Two Pros Talking who would win? And would anyone notice? Has anybody got Seabrooke's 'Beyond Compere' on their Christmas shopping list for RJP? If a bomb went off at a busy Manchester United home game at about 2.45 one Saturday afternoon and the whole stadium was obliterated, would the average standard of professional magicians in the UK go up or down? Would such an explosion have any affect on Dave Jones' suit?

These and many other magical enigmas will be offered for your contemplation. The most acceptable course of action will probably be to just smile knowingly and buy me a pint next time you see me. Just a suggestion...

I hope you already have some flavour of the kind of intellectual persiflage that you can expect from me. Although some of the news and banter will be UK-centric, fear not Johnny Foreigner, all the reviews, viewpoint and other discussion will transcend any national boundaries, and you can feel free to laugh at our parochial ways.

And remember, I take nothing seriously. Or everything. You decide...

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